Friday, March 28, 2008

Hey people, these are the photos taken on my side during the chalet.
Not many photos though....
For those who attended, we had loads of fun, didn't we?
The BBQ, Escape, the UNO games, PSP, movies, o2jamming, mahjong....

Xiu Mei and Lawrence had said so much, think I'll just let the pics elaborate more in detail.
Cheers to KSWS!!

Friday Night

Weiyi eating our CHICKEN SKIN from the KFC meal.


I woke up fully at 8AM in the morning, and this is what I saw:

The nice morning view from the chalet apartment.
Can you see the sea?

Everyone woke up by afternoon,
Started playing UNO! and Heart Attack!

Look the the killer 'Draw 2' cards!!

Lawrence's funny expression. xD

The BBQ at night!
The pretty fire started by Law Wei.

Food, Glorious food!

Watching Naruto at the chalet apartment after BBQ.

Makoto's laptop, mainly for playing o2jam.
These kids played PSP-Mahjong-UNO-Tai-tee
till 9AM in the morning! I woke up at 10+AM and
caught them sleeping. =)

Escape Theme Park!

Everyone taking a break after a round or two of the attractions
in the theme park.

Queuing up for the Daytona.
Can you spot Amy and the others in the line?

Amy coming back, followed by Lawrence. =)

Its almost night time, but we continued repeatedly
going on the inverter, Viking ship and rainbow.
Look at the pretty sky!

We left at 8+PM, had dinner at Downtown East.
Everyone was sooo tired...
Some can't help falling asleep upon sitting down.

We headed back to the chalet to pack our stuff,
Found this poor forgotten bottle of green tea in the FREEZER.

Damn cool la! The colour has already changed!
If you looked at the bottom of the bottle,
You'll notice that the colour of the ice there is
a darker brown! = o

The chalet was damn fun!
Those outside who still think that KSWS are still an 'uncle band',
Tell me the chalet sure boring de....


Everyone of us are young de kk!
Other then just a place for music enthusiasts coming together,
Learning from each other and making music,
We also meet great people and make friends here!

Upcoming performances & events chioooong ahhhh~~~

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Updates on the annual KSWS chalet

Finally, the KSWS chalet is over... And there is loads to update on...Hope that all that have been present had enjoyed the chalet... This is an annual chalet whereby you see the KSWSians put down their hair, put on casual clothings and have FUN, FUN AND MORE FUN! Here are some photos that i want to pen down to reminisce the enjoyable times with you guys=)

The nice scenery from our chalet window...
It over looks the sea from Pasir Ris Park.. Woo~~~

So what are our games stations? Card games, Mahjong or the PSP? lol? Much of a gamer yah?

Tired... Zzzz... Dun we look like a family... Jerold n Mak in the room... While we slept in the living room! Whee~~~

Our BBQ night....
Some preparations... Let c the fire grow!

Cooking... Chef in progress! Happy, Hungry Crowd!!!=)

The subtle side... Share our food with kitty kitty!

The Escape Theme Park Day.... Happy... Wooo~~~~ Although people did puke and get giddy at the end we enjoyed... Look at the happy us on different games!!!!


The Vikings... The deadly ride!!!

Q-ing up ... Fun n excited!!! Yeah!!!

Old VS Young??? Lolx...

In action... Wheezzz~~~

The Inverter... 360 degree turn... Are we the warriors?
Q-ing up again!!! When is it our turnn... Sobzzz

Finally on the machine... Nervous and excited!!

We went flying~~~~

At the end... Everybody was satisfied and haapy...
New Friendship was also found!!! The Quatz... Who attempted all stations!

Jerold, Jing Si, Xiu Mei and Sze Hou

KSWS is not only a place where it offers a chance for budding musicians to produce beautiful music together, to associate with different genres of music, but also a hang out place together, like a big family, with tonnes of fun!!! Let's all look forward to the next event that is on the calender!!! 3 CHEERS TO KSWS!!!!