Wednesday, October 13, 2010

KSWS Recruitment Notice 2010

Hi all,

KSWS is recruiting for new musicians to join the family. If you are a music lover whom wish to continue your music passion in making band music, you are always welcome to join our practices on every Saturday evening. If you are a school graduate or someone whom have lost touch in your playing & wish to pick up your instrument again, you are also welcome too.

We are looking for independance, commited & self-motivated musicians to join the band. You must at least know the basic fundamental of music & have some band playing experience in the past.

If you think you fit the criteria, you can always contact Ms. Yim Xiumei or myself by email to enquire for more information of the band or to make arrangement to join in the band practices.

Please kindly indicate the following in your email:
1) Your name & contact nos.
2) What instrument you are playing
3) A short introduction of yourself

We will then reply to you accordingly.
Thanks for your interest.

With Best Regards,
Lawrence Chong
President of KSWS