Monday, September 1, 2008

September 2008 Birthday Gals & Boys!!! A Happy 16th Birthday to KSWS!!!

KSWS wishes the following members a Happy Birthday on their special day!!

05th September (FRI) - Wendy Liew Leh Ting (Piccolo/Flute Section
05th September (FRI) - Yim Xiumei (Bassoon Section)
16th September (TUE) - Karen Leong Kai Ling (Trumpet Section)

Hope they have a wonderful time on their upcoming Birthday!! Have a lot of fun & all best wishes to you.

A Happy 16th Birthday to Kim Seng Wind Symphony on 27th September (SAT)!!!

Bid Farewell to Mr. Fernando Cura Dela Cruz (Trumpet Section)

Hi all KSWSians,

I am sad to announce that Mr. Fernando Cura Dela Cruz from the trumpet section has decided to leave the band for his heavy commitment in his church management & he will not be able to commit to the band practices in future. The band will like to thank him for his time & effort which he has contributed in the band since 15.03.2008. His resignation will take effect on 30.08.2008 onward. Let wish him all the best in his love with GOD & family. The band will always welcome him back as a friend/guest player in the future whenever his time allows.

With Best Regards,
Lawence Chong
President of KSWS