Thursday, June 19, 2008

Warmly Welcome Our New Family Member Onboard - 08 June 2008 Batch

Dear KSWSians,

Please warmly welcome the following member to our KSWS family.

Trumpet section Mr. Jerold Wong Jun Hoong
- Currently a Nanyang Polytechnic Student
- Born in 1989
- Found KSWS through Ms. Lok Jie Jun
- You can all add him to your mailing address at
- His official membership will take effect from 08 June 2008

We would like to extend our warmest welcome to Mr. Jerold Wong into our KSWS family.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some interesting tips for Flute Playing

Here is some interesting tips for our flute section. Someone has posted this on the internet & sound very innovative. I think there is no harm to give it a try. Have fun!!

Improve of your Tone Production
Things you will need: An empty Coke bottle of 2 litre

Step 1: Use an empty Coke bottle & blow easily producing a steady sound while keeping the corners of your lips firm and the cheeks flat. (Use a small empty bottle if your breath support is weak for beginners.)

Step 2: Control the direction of a steady stream of air finding the correct angle that produces a sound. Do this exercise till you manage to have a good steady air stream & a correct angle that produces a sound. Then transfers this exercise to the flute.

Step 3: Take your flute mouthpiece section off the body of the flute.

Step 4: Place the mouthpipe opening on your closed lips so that the hole equally touches your top and bottom lips.

Step 5: Roll the mouthpiece down and away, keeping contact with your lower lip.

Step 6: Do the candle-blowing exercise so that a steady pitch is produced.

Step 7: Insert the mouthpiece section back into the instrument& bring the flute into "playing position."

Step 8: Depress and hold down the three top keys with the left hand plus the thumb key & blow producing a second line G on the treble clef.

Step 9: Use a deep breath & maintain this sound for three seconds.

Tips & Warnings
1) The side of your left index finger (at the knuckle joint) will touch the flute and provide support for the instrument where it touches your lower lip.

2) Avoid putting pressure on the instrument with your hands that might crush the natural shape of your lips.

3) Avoid blowing with high speed air.

4) If you get dizzy, stop blowing.

5) Always protect your instrument from others wishing to use or experiment with it.

Bid Farewell to Mr. Teo See Siang (Trumpet Section)

Hi all KSWSians,

I am sad to announce that Mr. Teo See Siang from the trumpet section has decided to leave the band for his new job & he has foresee that his hectic & oversea outstation schedule will not allow him to commit to the band practices in future.

The band will like to thank him for his time & effort which he has contributed in the band since 2003. His resignation will take effect on 05.06.2008 onward.

Let wish him all the best in his new career establishment. The band will always welcome him back as a friend/guest player in the future whenever his time allows.

With Best Regards,
Lawence Chong
President of KSWS

Warmly Welcome Our New Family Member Onboard - 04 June 2008 Batch

Dear KSWSians,

Please warmly welcome the following member to our KSWS family

Trumpet section Ms. Yuki Udatsu
- Working as a Customer Service Officer
- Born in 1977
- Found KSWS through Mr. Yeo Wee Aik at Yamaha Music Shop
- You can all add her to your mailing address at
- Her official membership will take effect from 04 June 2008

We would like to extend our warmest welcome to Yuki-Chan into our KSWS family.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

KSWS Group Outings or Get together!!!

Here are some KSWS group outings which we have done besides our weekly practices. Somtimes we meet up for "Makan" or go window shopping or just for the sake of sticking together. It was fun!! Full of crampy & dirty jokes. KSWSians join us if you are interested!!! Show the fun side of yourself besides your seriousness in music making. Just be yourself & have a lot of FUN!!!

Below are some of the happening thing which we have captured so far!!!!

Birthday Celebrations!!!


We NOT only make music. We also make Friends & have a lot of fun!!

June 2008 Birthday Boys & Girls!!!

KSWS wishes the following members a Happy Birthday on their special day!!

02nd June (MON) - Jason Lua Czee Siong (Clarinet Section)
05th June (THU) - Ho Law Wei (Tuba Section)
09th June (MON) - Audrey Seah (Saxphone Section)
24th June (TUE) - Noormazreen Maswan (Saxophone Section)
25th June (WED) - Andrew Lee Mun Yew (Trumpet Section)
28th June (SAT) - Lee Xian Li (Saxophone Section)

Hope they have a wonderful time on their upcoming Birthday!! Have a lot of fun & all best wishes to you!!