Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hi all KSWSians,

I hope everyone is fine and doing well.
The followings are some announcements and changes which are going to take effect immediately in the band from now:

1) KSWS has been experiencing very bad practice attendance from its own members since we have moved the practice to Friday evening due to our conductor's requirement. Since Mr. Charlie has confirmed to be studying overseas for 2 years,band practices will move back to every Saturday from 6pm to 9:30pm starting from this coming Saturday (09/07/2011 SAT). Mr. Salleh will be taking over the baton & the post of Head Librarian from now on.

2) Annual concert has been scheduled on at 5pm at NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre. Please kindly ensure and confirm your attendance for this concert as we need to look into the concert strength from now on ASAP. We are still lacking of Clarinetists, Trumpeters & Percussionists. I sincerely urge members whom are still in the music scene to help in this area to make the concert a possible one for the band. If you have friends who are interested to join us for the concert, please do bring them down.

3) I have seek help for Mr. Rahman to assist the band to revive the percussion section permanently. He has agreed to give the band a helping hand and so far, he has been keeping to his words seriously to strengthen the percussion section even though the band attendance is not ideal. On behalf of KSWS, I will like to thank him for his great effort & voluntary help to assist the band in one way or another. I hope we can have more people like Mr. Rahman himself whom is willing to volunteer his time to help the band purely for a passion in music making.

4) Ms. Yim Xiumei has stepped down from the band committee with effect from June 2011 due to her heavy commitments in her new job. Her position will not be replaced for now & Lawrence will be covering her post from now on.

5) Below is the KSWS members list. Please kindly go through it. If your name has omitted or added spelt wrongly, please kindly update & correct with Lawrence. Thanks

Anyway, see you guys on this coming Saturday (09/07/2011) from 6pm to 9:30pm
Ciao & keep smiling!

Charlie Tan Tuan Hao
David Tan
Elisse Lee Li Sze
Eng Shi Yee

Goh Hui Liong
Tan Yuen Yuan
Tan Wei Lian

Alto Saxophone
George Leong Shin Khuen

Tenor Saxophone
Nor Ibrahim Bin Mohd Nor

Alan Ong Pang Chi
Mohd Azmi Bin Sukaimi
Toh Jing Si

Andrew Lee Mun Yew
Karen Leong Kai Ling
Mohd Salleh Bin Md Nooh

Amy Lee Meng Fong
Yeo Wee Aik
Jonna Garnell
Sylvester Lau (Guest Player)

Lok Jie Jun

Lawrence Chong Seng Mong
Bernard Chia Wen Tsen

Abdul Rahman Bin Mustaffa (Guest Coach)