Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kim Seng Wind Symphony appears on the local Newspaper of Kagoshima dated on 26/11/2009 Friday

KSWS has appeared on the local newspaper of Kagoshima after the Arts & Culture Program.

The translation is done by Kiyomi-San as below.


On 24th NOV, KSWS from Singapore visited KANOYA Girls High School and deepend exchanges between the band and students through tea ceremony and flower arrangement.
KSWS is an amateur wind orchestra from Singapore which consists of people with different ages and occupations.

They have been invited by Kagoshima prefecture to participate the exchange programs ("The Symphonic festival" at KANON Hall in Kajiki-cho etc.), and enjoyed sightseeing before going back to Singapore on 26th.

At KANOYA Girls High School, they showcased Japanese ENKA medleys and Singapore folk songs and joint performance with the school's choir. After their wonderful performance, they experienced tea ceremony and Japanese flower arrangement.
They were guided by students in KIMONO from department of Life and Environmental Science to sit on the floor Japanese style and enjoyed MACCHA (Japanese green tea) with sweets. They seemed to like it.

Mr. Lawrence, president of the band, said " we are greatly impressed by the tea ceremony because we don't have this style of ceremony in Singapore. I believe we can build even better relationship together by continuation of our intercommunion."

Monday, November 23, 2009

23/11/2009 - Kagoshima Exchange Day Two - Festival Performance

0630hrs (JPN) - Morning Call + Wash Up + Breakfast + Free Time

Breakfast at Hotel

0730hrs (JPN) - Assemble at Hotel Lobby + Loading of Equipment
0800hrs (JPN) - Leaving Hotel

The band went for a walk in the Viewing Park of Kagoshima early in the morning

Scenary of Kagoshima City & Mt. Sakurajima

0900hrs (JPN) - Arrival at Performance Venue - Kanon Hall + Unloading of Equipment + Setting up on stage for rehearsal
0930hrs (JPN) - KSWS Rehearsal Starts

Some backstage scenes

1100hrs (JPN) - Joint Rehearsal Starts (85 strong selected musicians for the finale)

1130hrs (JPN) - All Rehearsals End

More photos from KSWS

1300hrs (JPN) - Festival Event Starts

Music Festival Concert Booklet 2009 (KSWS is on item 7)

1420hrs (JPN) - Tunning Rehearsal for KSWS
1500hrs (JPN) - KSWS Performance Starts


1530hrs (JPN) - KSWS Performance Ends + Standby for Joint Finale Performance
1620hrs (JPN) - Tunning Rehearsal for KSWS
1650hrs (JPN) - Joint Finale Performance Starts

1710hrs (JPN) - Joint Finale Performance Ends + Loading of Equipment

Farewell photo with other Japanese band members

1730hrs (JPN) - Leaving Kanon Hall
1830hrs (JPN) - Arriving at Hotel + Unloading of Equipment
1900hrs (JPN) - Assemble at Hotel Lobby & Getting ready for dinner + Debrief & Briefing of next day event