Monday, November 23, 2009

23/11/2009 - Kagoshima Exchange Day Two - Festival Performance

0630hrs (JPN) - Morning Call + Wash Up + Breakfast + Free Time

Breakfast at Hotel

0730hrs (JPN) - Assemble at Hotel Lobby + Loading of Equipment
0800hrs (JPN) - Leaving Hotel

The band went for a walk in the Viewing Park of Kagoshima early in the morning

Scenary of Kagoshima City & Mt. Sakurajima

0900hrs (JPN) - Arrival at Performance Venue - Kanon Hall + Unloading of Equipment + Setting up on stage for rehearsal
0930hrs (JPN) - KSWS Rehearsal Starts

Some backstage scenes

1100hrs (JPN) - Joint Rehearsal Starts (85 strong selected musicians for the finale)

1130hrs (JPN) - All Rehearsals End

More photos from KSWS

1300hrs (JPN) - Festival Event Starts

Music Festival Concert Booklet 2009 (KSWS is on item 7)

1420hrs (JPN) - Tunning Rehearsal for KSWS
1500hrs (JPN) - KSWS Performance Starts


1530hrs (JPN) - KSWS Performance Ends + Standby for Joint Finale Performance
1620hrs (JPN) - Tunning Rehearsal for KSWS
1650hrs (JPN) - Joint Finale Performance Starts

1710hrs (JPN) - Joint Finale Performance Ends + Loading of Equipment

Farewell photo with other Japanese band members

1730hrs (JPN) - Leaving Kanon Hall
1830hrs (JPN) - Arriving at Hotel + Unloading of Equipment
1900hrs (JPN) - Assemble at Hotel Lobby & Getting ready for dinner + Debrief & Briefing of next day event

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